Buenos Aires has a very pleasant climate and can be visited at any time of the year. There are relatively few days of intense heat or extreme cold, while there are some moderate rains, usually in spring and autumn.


December 21
to March 20.


March 21
to June 20.


June 21
to September 20.


September 21
to December 20.


The mission of the Buenos Aires city government is to improve the quality of its public spaces so that people can enjoy them and feel motivated to look after them. A city whose urban environment is cleaner, prettier, more orderly, safe and of better quality, will attract more commitment from people and foster greater citizen awareness overall.

Strategic Objectives

A City with better infrastructure; no potholes and adequate sidewalks.
A City with improved aesthetics, more attractive and more secure, with improvements made to green spaces and urban forestry planning.
A clean and environmentally friendly city, which integrates the litter-pickers into the formal garbage collection service.
An orderly City, which helps to avoid the inappropriate and improper use of public spaces.
A City which respects people’s time, offering improved citizens’ services to help them manage claims and permits more efficiently.